The Inspiration & Design

Each piece of art glass created - is born out of inspiration. Combining the client's specific needs, setting, style and decor, with imagination fuels the inspiration. The commission process begins with a discussion regarding the client's needs and requirements to explore the scope of the work.

Input from the client is necessary and valuable to the design process. Bring us ideas, drawings, and photos to best describe what you want in your art glass project. We will show you examples of our past work and offer suggestions in the design process. Once a direction for the design is chosen and a commitment from the client is given - specific sketches can be made.

The Agreement & Artwork

TGA will help you with key elements of your project including budget, timing, and installation options. A written quote will be provided to outline the scope of work.   Drawings, sketches, artwork and glass samples are available after a commitment/deposit is made by the client.  The Glass Anvil retains all copyrights for drawings, sketches, patterns, artwork and photographs of said work.  The proposed drawing is reviewed and upon written agreement, the next step is selecting glass and color.

New Fabrication or Restoration

On-site visits are also helpful to the design process and often required for making templates and evaluating installation requirements. Fabrication times vary based on size and details of design work.   Best available replacement glass will be offered for repairs and restorations.  Due to the nature of glass, all items are unique in dye lot color and texture - and some variations will occur.  TGA incorporates traditional old world craftsmanship with contemporary techniques to offer quality fabrication.

Delivery and Installation

TGA strives to offer clients complete services, including delivery and installation.   We offer custom made panel carriers for transporting your project safely.  We often work with architects, interior designers and building contractors to provide art glass in various settings. TGA knows that every installation is as unique as the art it will contain and will offer solutions that best suit the art for optimum display.